Which Online Casino Game Is Easiest To Win?

which online casino game is the easiest to win

Have you ever wondered which online casino game is easiest to win?

Simply put: the difficulty of each game is based on how accustomed a player is to that specific game.

If you ask a professional Poker player he would say that Texas Hold’em is a very easy game.

If you asked a card counting wizard he would say that Blackjack is the way to go.

Today we take a look at all those different aspects and we will give you some betting tips in order to make gambling on each game a bit more easy for you.

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which online casino game is the easiest to win

Which Online Casino Game Is Easiest To Win?

Just as we previously mentioned in the introduction of this article the answer to this question will be different depending on who you ask.

But if we had to judge on how much knowledge of the game and effort is required by the player then the first game that would come to mind is slots.

1. Slots

Slots are easy, you just select how much you want to bet and then you spin.

If you win you win and if you lose you lose, simple as that.

But there is actually a better way to play slots, especially when it comes to online gambling.

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First of all, you would choose an online casino which features slots with a high RTP which is sort for return-to-player and is the percentage of money the game would award back to the player over a specific amount of plays.

Although, you can’t expect to get 95$ back when you bet a total of 100$ on a slot with an RTP of 95%.

You may spin ten times and lose all of them or you may spin 5 times and win all of them.

This number is based on the total spins of the slot and not on the total times an individual has spun it.

So what can you do?

Simply choose to play on online casinos that feature some of the slots with the highest RTP percentages.

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which online casino game is the easiest to win

2. Roulette

The next game that doesn’t require much thought is the Roulette.

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The only thing you have to do is to place your bet and let the dealer spin the Roulette and throw the little ball in it.

If it lands somewhere your bet applies, you win a specific amount of money.

However, on most major online casinos, table games are played on a live table.

So you can be sure no funny business is going on. You can’t predict the outcome of the Roulette but there is a way of betting that can actually win you money slow but steady.

This is a popular tactic which may even get you banned from a casino if they catch you using it.

Let’s say you start betting 5$ on red.

If the result is a red you get your winnings and place the exact same amount on the other colour.

If the opposite colour comes then you keep betting on the same colour but each time you double your bet.

Let’s say you start by putting 10$ on black and the result is red.

Then you will bet 20$ on black. If you lose again then put 40$ on black and so on.

Say you win and you get 80$.

You have already betted 10+20+40=70 so you have a surplus of 10$.

Using this tactic when your colour wins you will always be earning double your initial bet.

But be aware, even though the chances of the same colour coming out as the result of many consecutive times are slim that doesn’t mean in any way that is it impossible to happen.

People have lost their whole fortunes playing with this tactic while others have become rich.

There was a time when a player used this tactic and the opposite colour would come as a result of over 20 consecutive times.

This may sound crazy but unfortunately, it is real.

So to be sure this tactic will work you should try playing on a live table as virtual games can always be tampered with in order to make you lose.

Unless the online casino, you play on features certified provably fair games.

Then you have nothing to worry about and the chances of getting caught are a bit smaller.

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which online casino game is the easiest to win

3. Blackjack

Winning a game means you have to know how the game is played, to begin with.

Unlike most other games, Blackjack isn’t so much based on luck rather than statistics.

You may have seen a movie or heard someone say that “he is counting cards”.

People don’t know what this is and even though it is an easy to learn a skill, it still is very hard to master.

Except for the simple tactic where you hit if you have less than 17 and the dealer shows a card of 7 or higher there is another thing many players do.

Counting cards are all about assigning a value to each card of the deck. 2-6 cards count as +1, 7-9 count as 0, and 10-A count as -1.

Every time you see a card you do the math in your head and when the count is more than +10 then it is time to start hitting hard as the chances of a face card showing are much bigger.

Just like the tactic used in Roulette you can be caught just the same way when applying this card counting tactic in Blackjack.

Both physical and online casinos have come up with a safety measure to keep you from applying this method when playing Blackjack.

They use 4-6 decks of cards and after a specific number of hands, the cards are reshuffled.

Still, professional card counters can relatively keep track and have the edge even in that case.

which online casino game is the easiest to win

4. Poker

In this section, everything you see will be based on the most famous Poker variation in the world which is Texas Hold’em.

If you thought counting cards was difficult then Poker may as well be the better choice for you.

Learning how to play is easy but mastering your play style can take many years.

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The good thing about Poker is that you actually play against other players for fake money through various online apps like Zynga’s Texas Hold’em on Facebook which is excellent and a great time killer.

Best of all you can practice your real life Poker play by spending some time there and better understanding how the game works.

Now in Poker, there is a tactic which is relatively easy and everyone can implement in their play style.

When you are dealt your two cards and the current hand is ready to begin only call in or raise if you have a powerful pair of cards.

This can either be a one-pair like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 10s, or 9s.

It could either be two consecutive high numbers like 10J or QK because then you have higher chances of showing a Straight.

If you have two relatively high-value cards of the same figure like A♦-K♦ then you should absolutely try calling as it could turn out you make a Flush.

Other than these three you can just call if you think your hand is powerful enough like AK, 10Q, JK, and so on.

You could also try going through the first round called the “flop” where three out of the total five face-up cards are dealt from the dealer.

From our personal experience, we have seen that this tactic actually works very well and can prove to be very profitable.

If you use it while participating in Sit-n-Go tournaments it can easily get you to the last three players remaining.

So because of that to the question of which online casino game is easiest to win we would probably choose Poker but this is only based on our personal opinion.

For you, the easiest to win might be another game.

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which online casino game is the easiest to win


Before we close off this article we would like to remind you once more that the difficulty of each game is objective to how much each person is accustomed to playing a specific game.

However, if we had to judge them by how each game takes to learn it would probably go from slots to the Roulette and then Poker leaving Blackjack as the last one and more difficult, mainly due to the high number of decks that may be used in a single game.

So we hope we managed to give an answer to your question of which online casino game is easiest to win.

If you follow are tactics we cannot guarantee that you will win but you will for sure play at your best and have the highest chances of winning possible.

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