Ethino Casino: The World’s First Ethereum-Only Online Casino

Benefits Of An Ethereum-Only Online Casino

The world is changing, and it is changing fast.

The internet boom is over, but this thing that revolutionized our entire world is just getting started.

We are now looking at the next phase, which is; “the internet of things”, which means we are going to see the internet get integrated into our everyday lives.

One next frontier this boom needs to overcome is a monetary exchange, and the chances are that just like many other industries before it, money is the next one to get swallowed up.

Want to know what the internet alternative to money is? Crypto money, or better yet cryptocurrencies.

This week we saw Bitcoin, the most famous crypto of all hit the $5,000 price per coin and others are also surging, most notably a coin called Ethereum.

As with everything digital, the online gambling is one of the first industries that takes the plunge into these new technologies and today we are proud to introduce, the world’s first Ethereum-only online casino.

As we said on our post listing all the online casinos that accept Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are the future in online gambling, but when we wrote that piece, we didn’t realize that “the future” meant “next week”.

Yes, the future is here, and it’s here to stay.

We are thrilled to welcome Ethino and see it come to life as the first ever crypto-only online casino.

While the casino is still not launched, the announcement was made on Reddit just a few hours ago and it was immediately met with a lot of positive comments and feedback.

If you’d like to know more about Ethino and the revolutionary new standard it will usher it as soon as it launches, please visit the website and read their white-paper release.

Introductory Video of

Ethino’s War Card Game (The 1st Etherum Card Game)

As explained in the video above, the War card game is the first ever Ethereum only card game to hit the digital world, and we just can’t wait to get in on it as soon as we can.

Here are some screenshots of how the game would likely look.

The Benefits Of An Ethereum-Only Online Casino

Benefits Of An Ethereum-Only Online Casino


We love innovation, so seeing one of the first ever casino to take this plunge is a huge benefit in itself and just can’t wait to see it develop fully and online available for all the people to use and enjoy

Casino Fully Transparent

The beauty of crypto currencies, and more importantly the system it runs called “the block chain” is completely transparent, means the casino is open for scrutiny and can be checked by all to make sure it is being run fairly with its players.

There is no place to hide with blockchain as it’s public property, so we’re about to see a

Quick Processing Times

Another huge benefit of crypto currencies is the fact they transfer at an incredibly high speed.

Sure, at the time of writing this, they may not be as fast as VISA for example, although far quicker than bank transfer) but this is a challenge the blockchain will overcome.

Even with crypto-newcomer like IOTA, transaction time is 100X faster than Bitcoin, and it also has no exchange fees.

The future is here, and it couldn’t be brighter!

Ethino Casino

What Do You Think?

Ready for the crypto revolution an all the good things it will bring with it?

I hope so as this just might be an internet revolution in the making.

Question is; how are you going to react and what are your thoughts about it?

Let its know in the comment section below.


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