How To Play Poker Online With Bitcoin

Play Online Games With Bitcoin

Ever wondered how those professional Poker players on television can be so damn good at what they do?

Do you want to be that great someday?

Well, chances are you won’t be as good as them in real life but you could be making a living by playing online instead.

And because we live in the future and real currencies have become a bit dull we are going to use a cryptocurrency.

Today we will talk about how to play Poker online with Bitcoin.

We will cover how to actually play the game, its rules, some tactics, and to close off we will also give you some advice on how to pick a good online casino to play Poker at.

how to play poker online with bitcoin

How Is Poker Played?

The first thing we like to clear be that in this article we are going to be talking about Texas Hold’em which is the most popular and widely known variation of Poker.

Let’s take a look at how this game works.

First of all in order for a game of Poker to begin at least two players are needed apart from the dealer.

There can be up to 10 players in a single table even though when playing only this number will probably be 8 at the maximum. However, there will always be exceptions.

Each player is dealt two face-down hands in a clockwise manner from the dealer’s perspective.

After the cards have been dealt the initial blinds will be automatically put in play.

There are two “buttons”, in most times imaginary, called the “small blind” and the “big blind”.

This two are always going around the table together, as on how the players who got them are next to each other.

The small blind is half than the big blind. For example, if the big blind is 10$ then the small blind will be 5$.

After that, the players have three options.

how to play poker online with bitcoin

They could either call, which means to place an amount of chips equal to the big blind and therefore join the current hand, fold, which means to leave the round without putting any chips in, or raise, which means to call the big blind and bet a bigger amount of chips on top of that.

If a player raises then the other players can make the same moves as they could before that.

If the player with the small blind wants to call he only has to add the difference between the small blind and the biggest bet currently on the table.

There is also another move in Poker which is named “check” and it means that you don’t want to raise or fold but just continue playing with the current chips you have already in play.

This move is mostly used after the first three face-up cards have been dealt.

This is what we are going to talk about next. The different stages of a hand.

We already mentioned how the betting works before any face-up cards are dealt.

There are three other stages of a Poker hand.

The first one is the called the “flop” where the dealer puts down three face-up cards right after the initial betting phase has ended.

The second stage is called the “turn” and this is when the dealer puts down the fourth face-up card.

The third and last stage is called the “river” where the fifth and final face up card is dealt down next to the previous four.

Between each stage, the players can perform any of the following actions may that be to fold, call, bet, raise, check, or go all in which is just what it sounds like, to bet all the chips he has in the current hand.

When the final betting round after the river comes to an end the players left on the current hand show their two cards and the person with the strongest combination wins the pot.

Now, in Texas Hold’em just like most of the other Poker variations, a player’s hand in combination with the five face-up cards can be of a specific strength.

These combinations are sorted by least to most powerful:

  • High Card: Have nothing and the person with the strongest card in his hand wins
  • One Pair: Have two of the same number, for example, 2♦ and 2♣
  • Two Pair: Have two couples of the same numbers, for example, 3♣, 3♠, 5♥, 5♠
  • Three of a Kind: Have three of the same number, for example, 8♦, 8♥, and 8♣
  • Straight: Have five consecutive numbers, for example, A, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  • Flush: Have five numbers of the same figure, for example, 2♣, 3♣, 6♣, 8♣, and J♣
  • Full House: Have three of a kind and one pair, for example, 5♠, 5♣, 5♦, 9♦, and 9♥
  • Four of a Kind: Have four of the same number, for example, J♦, J♣, J♥, and J♠
  • Straight Flush: Have five consecutive numbers of the same figure, for example, 2♥, 3♥, 4♥, 5♥, and 6♥

The most powerful hand in Texas Hold’em is the one called Royal Flush which is a Straight Flush of A, K, Q, J, and 10 of any figure.

In Poker each card’s power ranging from least to most powerful, is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

how to play poker online with bitcoin


Is There A Good Tactic When Playing Poker Online?

Indeed, there is a very good one actually which we have personally tested multiple times and it appears to be very useful and profitable so far.

So here is what you have to do>>

As soon as your two cards are dealt take a look at them and you will only call in the round if your hand is powerful enough.

What do we mean by that?

If you have a pair of 9s or stronger, or two high power consecutive or of the same figure cards then you should join the current round.

Even if your hand is powerful in general like a 9J or a QA then you should also try going in.

Doing that you lessen the chances of not only being beaten in the final round but most likely you will also have a stronger combination than your opponents should the time to reveal your hand comes.

Now, there are other good tactics you could implement in your play style when playing Poker and especially Texas Hold’em but judging on our personal experience this one has proved to be the easiest and most profitable one.

How To Play Poker Online With Bitcoin

Well, you can’t play Poker online using the famous cryptocurrency unless you have found a good online casino that accepts it.

Here are online casinos that accept Bitcoin>>

The first thing to look out for when choosing such a gambling platform is for it to be fully licensed and certified as well as to have positive user reviews throughout the Internet.

Some of the best ones are Ignition Casino and Bovada as both of them are fully licensed and have a large user base to back them up with a usually positive feedback.

You could also go with Bovada if you are a US-based player. FortuneJack is another great choice when looking at how to play Poker online with Bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency as they accept Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, DOGE, Namecoin, and many others.

Even though FortuneJack has positive reviews, in general, its Blackjack games are rumoured to be rigged judging by a big number of negative reviews and feedback from actual users of the site.

However, you shouldn’t have a problem with their platform if you stick to the Poker rooms.

All these platforms mentioned offering some pretty amazing Bitcoin bonuses both when you join their casino in general and Poker room.

They are also mobile-friendly so you can enjoy your favourite games on the go. Note that playing Poker from your smartphone or tablet may not work with some online Bitcoin casinos.

Learn more about Bovada here>>

how to play poker online with bitcoin


Now that you know how to play Poker online with Bitcoin you should be good to go out there and start making some money while having great amounts of fun.

If you’re still unsure about betting with Bitcoin, read some more advantages here>>

All of the platforms we mentioned are amazing and no matter which one you end up going with we can guarantee that you will have an amazing gambling experience whatsoever.

Good luck with your future online Poker Bitcoin gambling adventures an don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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