11 Casinos With The Highest RTP

casinos with the highest rtp

Go on and take a guess on which casino game is absolutely the most played one.

If you said Blackjack, you would be close but wrong. Maybe you said the roulette or poker and once again you would be wrong.

The single most played casino game slots. Who doesn’t like slots?

It is a fast and easy game that doesn’t require any thought, just luck.

But having fun doesn’t necessarily mean losing money during all the action.

So today we will talk about 11 casinos with the highest RTP you can find on the Internet.

Who said you couldn’t have fun while playing slots and make money at the same time? Whoever it was, he was very wrong.

casinos with the highest rtp

What Exactly Is RTP?

The concept of RTP, short for return-to-player, is a ratio applied to slot related casino games.

That ratio states the percentage of money that will be awarded by the machine back to the player after a specific time of plays or “spins” as gamblers prefer to call them.

But what does that “percentage” actually mean in simple terms?

Let’s say for example that a slot machine has a 70% RTP.

Theoretically, if someone was to play a hundred straight times on the specific slot machine betting 5 dollars each time then he would have spent 500 in total bets, right?

Now, having a 70% RTP would mean that he would win back that ratio of the total bets which in our case is 350 dollars.

Usually, RTP is way higher than 70% but we used that example as to make you understand the concept better.

Enough with math, you get the point.

However, this doesn’t mean that a player would certainly win even one of his bets back because many players may have played before him and many will after him.

That ratio applies to the number of total bets the machine’s input counts and not the number of a single person’s bets.

Different Types Of RTP?

Slots, just like any other casino game, are designed in a way that by the end of the day the house, known as the casino, will have at least a small profit.

Besides, the only way to walk out of a casino being a millionaire is if you were a billionaire by the time you walked in and started playing. This isn’t a thing people just say, it is the actual truth.

So what are the two different types of RTP you may see on slots?

The first is the already mentioned predetermined one. That means that the machine runs a code with a counter alongside it.

Counting the times the slot machine spins it determines the number of plays and is designed to make the player win a specific amount of times out of a hundred ones.

This is the type of RTP you will encounter in most casinos.

The other type is the random one.

You may have read about a “provably fair” game. That means that the game is certified of not being rigged and does indeed give out random results.

This is also the type of RTP you may see on a slot machine.

The big drawback in this one is that you are not guaranteed you could even win a single time out of a hundred or more which is highly unlikely but still doable, basically due to the fact that the result is completely random.

Is it possible to find the casinos with the highest RTP?

Well, both yes and no. A casino won’t have a demonstrated exact RTP besides its advertisement unless this is an average of all the slot games it features.

In order to find the casinos with the highest RTP, we took two things into consideration before providing you with the results.

First, we check how many of the top paying slot games they feature and second we made sure that these casinos are safe to play one.

casinos with the highest rtp

The best Online Casinos With The Highest RTP

You have already read what we needed you to know so without further ado let’s take a look at some of the best online casinos you can play on based on their slot games’ RTP.

1.Jackpot City

This site offers more than 600 games each and every single one of them provided from the leading industry expert called Microgaming.

More than half of them are slots and here comes the good part.

One of the games is called MegaSpin High 5 which is one of the highest paying slots with a very tempting RTP of 97.43% and Mega Moolah with an also great 88.12%.

The site has a simple interface and does what it was designed to do.

Provide a lag free and fun experience to online gamblers, especially slot lovers. If you like slots then this should be your first stop as their welcome bonus can be as high as 400$.Bet365

2. Bet365

A world-renowned online betting site which is mostly known for the large sports book it provides.

But is also features slots which are provided by Playtech and that is the strongest card the can have hidden up their sleeve.

Why? Because Playtech has the top 3 highest RTP slot games in the industry.

These are “Goblin’s Cave”, “Ugga Bugga”, and “Ocean Princess” featuring 99.3%, 99.1%, and 99.1% RTP respectively.

Other than that the site is popular for its great support 24/7 system which can help you with any inquiries or problems you may have.

Also, transaction times can be very fast as withdrawals usually take less than a day to complete.

casinos with the highest rtp 3. EuroGrand

“Cabling” is the sound money makes when you play on EuroGrand’s platform and especially on their slot section.

Once again games are provided by Playtech and that means the RTP is exceptionally high.

Sadly this website is designed mostly for European players and only people from specific countries are eligible to join it and start playing on there.

But for the few players that do indeed gamble using their platform treatment is utterly great.

Bonuses are amazing and also include a referral program so when your friends join the site and start playing you can earn a percentage of the money they use for their first deposit.

4. Video Slots

As the name of the casino suggests we are talking mainly about a slot dedicated place.

And of course, Playtech couldn’t be missing from a site like these as it provides the highest paying RTP in the industry.

This casino may have the biggest selection of games we have seen yet as it features over 1200 titles all coming from top industry providers such as Net Entertainment, NextGen, and many others.

You can imagine that the RTP of the slot machines there are all of a relatively high value. Such a great overall online casino for slot gamblers around the world.

5. Casino Palace

Launched back in 2015 it quickly became one of the best stops for gamblers around the world mainly because of its very high payout ratios.

You can find more than 350 slot games on their site provided by 17 industry experts such as Playtech, Microgaming and many others.

The design of their website makes it a very pleasant experience for gamblers to play there and the deposits, as well as the bonuses, are excellent.

The wagering requirements are 50x times but what can you do?

That is just how this industry works. Furthermore, you can expect to find about 10 progressive jackpots which are tempting enough by itself to make you want to join and start playing on their platform.

6. Spin Palace

The elegant purple and black colour combination of the site suits the quality-packed selection of games they provide.

They have an exclusive partnership with Microgaming and all games are provided by them.

There are about 400 games most of which are slots and the casino’s average payout is about 97%.

Other than these attributes, the various bonuses and promotions you can expect to find are terrific as Spin Palace has taken care of making your first impression of their site look amazing.

Furthermore, their support system is great and very responsive, the banking options they provide are plenty and the security features a 128-bit SSL encryption to make sure all your profile details and credits remain as safe as possible.

7. Leo Vegas

Featuring one of the best mobile casinos isn’t the only highlight of their website.

They offer a wide selection of over 500 slot games with an average RTP ratio of 96.5%.

Usually newer sites offer the best welcome bonuses in order to get players to join their platform but this isn’t the case here.

The sign-up bonus can go as high as 1,000 GBP and you also get some free spins with that so you can kick off.

casinos with the highest rtp

8. 888 casino

In 8th place comes 888 casino and that is not a coincidence as the stats of this site will simply amaze you.

The selection of slot games is over 500 but what really makes them a special casino is an enormous sign-up bonus reaching as high as 1,500 GBP.

On the downside, there are no free spins combined with that initial bonus but there really is that much you can ask for.

The RTP ratio has an average of 97% and the site is multi-software meaning the games come from different providers so you can choose your favourite ones to play.

9. BGO Vegas

Having Verne Troyer as your website’s main image is great by itself.

Providing a vast selection of over 500 slots is another.

The cash out times are exceptionally fast as withdraws are usually completed before 24 hours have passed by. The payout ratio of the RTP is an average of 97% which is extremely high and we love it.

The welcome bonus can go as high as 1,000 GBP and you even get some free spins to spend on a specific slot game as well. This site is as cool as Verne Troyer himself!

10. Bovada

We have seen Bovada appear on many top lists of every kind when it comes to the best online casinos you can gamble on.

Slots is another place where they excel as they have more than 200 available slot games on their website with an average payout ratio of 96.5%.

Transaction times can be as long as three days but they make up for that with their enormous initial bonus that goes as high as 3,000 GBP.

Sadly, there are no spins involved in this welcome bonus but it still remains one of the casinos with the highest RTP ratios you can encounter on the Internet.

casinos with the highest rtp

11. Jetbull

If Jetbull has become famous for one thing it has to be the slots.

Featuring the biggest number of slots among all other online casinos we could find with a whopping 1000+ slot game selection.

The initial bonus may be relatively bad as it goes only as high as 150 GBP and there are no free spins either. They make up for it, though, with a high payout RTP average ratio of 96%.

Other than that, transaction times are average as they can usually take up to two days to be completed and the site is based on the multi-software meaning that its games come from various industry leading providers such as NetEnt, Quickspin, Betsoft, and Microgaming.

Final Words

These have been 11 of the best and highest RTP ratios you can find on online casinos and no matter which one you try going with we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed as all of them are great in their own unique way.

It’s important that once you are playing with your money that you choose the casinos with the highest RTP for the best possible cash out wins.

Slots can be addicting so make sure to always play responsibly and without urge and if you do that we can guarantee that you will not lose.

So get out there, see which site supports and offers your favourite slot games, join in the action and start playing on their platform.

Good luck to all you slot lovers and online gamblers out there, we wish you to win the jackpot!

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