5 Casino Gambling Strategies Pros Use

casino gambling strategies

Almost all punters have know for a fact using the right strategy is the only possible key to beat the house in almost any gambling or casino game.

Winning is just a matter of discipline, control over emotions, and the strategy which you choose for gambling.

Online casinos are not much different from land based casinos and the same rules apply to online gambling. In this article, we’d tell you about 5 casino gambling strategies pros use.

Casino gambling strategies

1.Carefully Choose A Game

Success in gambling pretty much start with rigorous discipline and choice of game.

Most veteran gamblers have spent years learning a game and they also have a deep interest in the game of their choice.

Amateurs on the other hand, try their luck on almost every game offered by a casino and rarely spend time in learning about the history of a game, tricks of the game and other intricacies.

Successful casino players have already invested significant time in learning a game and unlike amateurs they focus just on one or two games and spend their time mastering it.

Almost all of us has played a game on which we can get, card games are a good example here as even non-gamblers play these games.

2. Bet Less, Play More

Almost all casino games, are games of chance which means that the outcome can’t be predicted and is completely random.

Although, you can certainly use odds and simple mathematics to calculate your odds of winning in the long run.

This means that if you play on a consistent basis, then you can easily multiply your chances of making a profit as eventually the losses will be cancelled out by your winnings.

By playing more often with smaller bet sizes you can maximize your odds of earning a profit in the long run.

So, instead of wagering $10 on your favorite game, try placing 10 bets of $1 as this will give you a much better chance of winning.

Most casinos allow small bets and this is especially the case with online casinos as here you can place bets of even lower amounts than $1.

Professional gamblers have long known this and you’ll see that most veteran punters tend to place smaller bets, at least in the start, whereas amateurs tend to waste their money by placing a single bet or large bets without any knowledge of odds.



Top 5 Casino Gambling Strategies

3. Beat Casinos Using The House Edge Against Them

Almost every person associated with gambling understands that casinos take their cut which is also known as “house edge” by offering lower than ideal theoretical odds.

Professional players use their intricate knowledge of house edge and games against the house itself as one of their main casino gambling strategy.

In case of online casinos, considering house edge becomes even more important as sometimes differences are huge.

Table games offered by online casinos on the other hand have much lower house edge of around 1% and in some cases even 0.5%.

Veteran players tend to play games with lower house edge as this is the best way to maximize your chances of winning with almost any online casino.

4. Quit While You Are Ahead

Greed is man’s greatest enemy; this proverb sounds even truer in the world of online gambling as many times people have lost whole fortunes just by making 1 single bet which wiped out their earlier winnings.

Professional players know this too well and tend to quit once they are ahead.

Controlling your emotions during a game is considered one of the traits of veteran players.

By not giving to greed and being content with your modest winnings, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble.

So, every time you are ahead, don’t push your luck too far as you may easily convert your victory into a defeat.

5. Read Terms and Conditions Carefully

Online casinos are notorious for hiding behind their terms and conditions and most often amateurs tend to focus just on the promotions and bonuses without giving a thought to the terms and conditions which govern these bonuses.

Make sure that you’ve read and understand all the terms and conditions which govern the bonus, winnings and payouts before betting with any casino.

Terms and conditions differ greatly from one casino to another, but some elements remain constant.

Wagering requirement is one such thing as almost all major online casinos have wagering requirements which can range from 20 times to 50 times of the bonus funds or bonus funds plus your initial deposit.

You can’t withdraw your winnings until and unless you have fulfilled the wagering requirements which govern the bonuses and payouts of a casino.


We have tried to cover all the major tricks and strategies used by pros in this article.

At first, some of these may sound like common sense, but anyone who has tried his luck in a casino will testify that things are quite different in the charged environment of a casino.

As within casinos, human emotions of greed and fear sadly get the best of us and most people are unable to take calculated risk, in 99% of the cases, players are playing with their hearts and not minds.

Sometimes, even veteran gamblers with decades of experience use whole fortunes due to a simple judgmental error and there are hundreds of examples out there when veteran punters lost their whole fortunes by pressing their luck too far.

With a simple understanding of mathematical odds and control over your emotions you can earn significantly more than what you’ve won till date and this applies to all of us.

If you’ve closely read the above-mentioned strategies, then you’ll realize that mastering some of these can take years and, professional punters have spent years of their life and only then they could master the skills required for winning consistently.

In gambling, like in life, there is no magic formula for winning, and even professional gamblers lose money on a regular basis as gambling is a game of chance where you can win or lose.

There is no magic trick when it comes to gambling, and no-one can guarantee the outcome of next hand or game which you play.

All you can do is follow the pros and this alone will allow you to decrease your losses significantly.

So, follow our top 5 casino gambling strategies pros use and see the difference for yourself.

Although, we’ve tried to cover all the important strategies here, if you feel that we’ve missed out any important point then inform us using the comments section below. Also subscribe to our website if you haven’t done so already as we’ll be publishing more such articles soon!


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