Online Casinos In Australia Taking A Hit Due To New Regulations

australia poker

The online gaming industry, while definitely growing rapidly, is not finding it easy to penetrate new markets and finding new players.

The online gambling industry in Australia recently took yet another hit, and it just might be a hit that will send a few online gambling packing, and it already has.

As you can see from this article below; PokerStars, 888Poker, and PokerParty have all decided to withdraw from the Australian market.

Online poker giants exit Australia as tougher laws loom 2017-08-07 13-14-50
Online poker giants exit Australia as tougher laws loom (read here)

Why Is This Happening?

Online poker betting has been illegal since 2001 in Australia, but it was only in the past few years that online poker started becoming a fan favorite with online gamblers.

With its sudden increase and boom, this has caused for legislators to begin looking into online poker again and re-inforcing the 2001-set restriction on online poker.

Is Online Poker Illegal In Australia?

Actually yes, online poker is illegal, but a lot of online gambling operators have found loopholes that have allowed them through the years to operate “undetected” and offering poker options for Australian gamblers.

This new rise is what caused for the regulations to become enforced once more.

australia poker

Is Online Gambling Legal In Australia?

Apart to contrary belief, online gambling is yes legal in Australia, but they only allow gambling companies that are registered and regulated by the Australian government and the Australian gaming authority.

Which Online Casinos & Sports Books Are Regulated In Australia?

There are six options of online casinos for Australian players which are both available and also regulated by the Australian gaming authority, these are:

  • Ignition Casino 
  • RubyFortune
  • SpinPalace
  • Jackpot City
  • Gaming Club
  • Lucky Nugget

In depth and detailed reviews will be coming soon for the above-mentioned casino so be sure to check back often with AlphaCasinos for the latest online casino reviews

In Closing

This was a quick post to let you all know (and understand) the new Australian gambling regulations and also to show you other options that are available to you if you are from the region and want to get into online gambling.

As always, be sure let us know in the comment section below if you have any Qs about it. We’d love to help you get started with online casinos, so we’re here to help.

Talk soon.

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