Ignition Casino Launches In Australia: A Mini Review

Ignition Casino

This week we were met with the surprise news that one of our favorite casinos here at Alpha Casinos has just launched “down under” in Australia.

This comes as a happy surprise, and at  good timing too since a lot of the online gaming industry were in question about the future of online gambling and sports betting in Australia.

Before we touch on that topic, let’s take a brief look into Ignition Casino and give you some details on what you may expect of you decide to join:

Name: Ignition Casino (Australia)
Site: www.ignitioncasino.eu
Special Offers: 100% bonus on new deposits (up to $2,000)
Official Review: Coming Soon

Ignition Casino Launches In Australia

Regarding The Gambling Laws In Australia

Is online gambling allowed in Australia?

This is a question we often get here at Alpha Casinos, and it’s understandable seeing how some weeks ago, news was released that online gambling will start being heavily restricted in Australia.

But, the new restrictions, which are very much there were set on the online bookmakers based in Australia.

No restrictions on how foreign online casinos and how Australians gamblers have been enforced by the Australian government.

Ignition Casino Launches In Australia

This week it was announced that another up-and-coming casino have launched in Australia and that is the exciting & new: Ignition Casino by Condor Group.

We will be reviewing this casino in the upcoming days so watch out for that on our online casino reviews page and even for some exclusive bonus offers coming your way.

Gambling Opportunities By Ignition Casino

As previously shared, we will be going through this casino in a more in-depth review in the coming days, but before we close off, let’s talk about what betting markets and games Ignition Casino can offer you (especially if you are based in Australia).


Ignition offers some of the favorite online slot games we’ve all grown to love such as:

See here for a full listing off Ignition’s slots offering.

Table Games

Their table games consist of the timeless classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and others.

(Please note though that these table games are computer simulated and not played through a live webcam).

Unfortunately, Ignition do not seem to offer live video poker as do many other well-established casino sites.

If you’d like to play poker through a live welcome with a dedicated live dealer, please see our PokerStars review and also our guide on how to play online live poker.


The poker offerings have their own dedicated page on Ignition Casino, and you can access it here.

As we said, we’d much rather have seen real-live poker playing rather than a computer generated algorithm, but maybe it will arrive soon.

However, Ignition does offer online poker tournaments so if you’re interested in that, be sure to give it a look once you sign up to Ignition Casino.

Speciality Games

Speciality Games” are a collection of different games from the relatively new and unknown to more classic games such as Bingo and the many variations of it.

Not a huge fan of these types of games but if that’s what you are after, rest assured you can find them inside this online casino.

Ignition Casino “Success Stories”

Before we close this off, we would like to point out that gambling is not meant to be a money-maker but rather an entertainment hobby that you can enjoy.

However, on some occasions, you will get lucky and there is money to be made if Lady Luck decides to bless you with her generosity.

You can see some of the recent winners in Ignition Casino here along with some screenshots below:

Ignition Casino Recent Winners

In Australia? Give Ignition Casino A Try

If you would like to be one of the first Aussies to give Ignition Casino a try and benefit from over $4,000 in welcome bonuses, be sure to join Ignition Casino.

ignition poker australia

Closing Words

We are happy to see Ignition Casino launch in Australia.

We have great things to say about all projects from Condor Gaming, and we are sure Ignition will be one another success story for the Australian betting markets as it was in Europe.

If you have any feedback or questions about Ignition Casino, be sure to let us know in the comment section below and also check back with Alpha Casinos soon for the official Ignition Casino review (which we will be publishing in the coming days).

Thank you for stopping by. See you soon.

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