Can You Find Casumo’s White Chip?

casumo white chip

Online casino newbie Casumo, which even though they started off in 2012, is now one of the top leading online casinos in the entire world; has come up with quite a unique challenge to lure in more customers proving that they know how to capture attention!

What Is The Casumo White Chip?

This is nothing more than just an internet puzzle, but it has worked so well for the casino generating hundreds of new social shares and possibly even 100s of new players for their site.

How To Play The White Chip Puzzle?

The puzzle, which you can see pictured below, is simple; think of it as the “where’s Waldo?”, but for online casinos.

All you have to do is spot the white chip in the image below.

casumo white chip

Did you see you the white chip?

Where’s Is It? Solution

If you’ve given up trying to find the white chip, you can see the solution for this puzzle on this page.

We have to admit; we also had to look it up to locate the white chip (*shame*) so don’t feelbut I do not think we would’ve found it if we didn’t check it as it is not an easy find.

See where the white chip is here >>

Joining Casumo? Do Not Forget Your Bonus

Thinking of joining this new trendsetting casino? We give your our blessings.

As you can see in our Casumo review, we really think highly of this online casino and its one we are keeping an eye on simply because of their creative restructuring of how online gambling should look, feel and work.

Get your Casumo bonus and join the winning team of online casino. We are sure you’re going to like it as much as we do.

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Did You Find The White Chip?

Let us know if you managed to find Casumo’s white chip in the image above and if you did, without cheating, leave us a comment down below for a little prize from our end.

We promise it would be worth it.

Talk soon.

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