Mr Green Bonuses: What You Need To Know

mr green bonuses


A simple word that provides people with joy and excitement just by the sound of it.

Either you are to be assigned a bonus on your job or some extra discounts on your next purchase from the mall, bonuses are a very welcome thing.

On the Internet, though, a bonus can have that many things it may apply on, and online gambling is one of them.

Today we take a look at Mr Green, an online casino which, judging by its name, likes to pay out large amounts to the players who prefer it over others.

So let’s take a look at the various bonuses and promotions Mr Green offers.

mr green bonuses

General Information About Mr Green

Before diving into the bonuses it’s better to show you why Mr Green is a great casino to gamble on.

When it comes to whether an online casino is trustworthy to gamble on the first thing everyone checks is the license it may have. This one is licensed by the Gaming Authority of Malta and their firm is located in Sweden.

More than 100 countries are prohibited to join but that wouldn’t bother you, provided you don’t live in America or some of the major Europe countries such as Russia, France or Spain. The second thing is their amazing ratings. Where other casinos are flooded with bad reports coming from displeased players,

The second thing is their amazing ratings. Where other casinos are flooded with bad reports coming from displeased players, Mr Green has some of the best feedback among all online gambling sites.

As for the available transaction methods on top of the regular banking options, there is also the ability to use famous eWallets like Skrill and Neteller.

They will notify you when you are eligible for your next withdrawal and their fees are very small. They are only 1% of the total amount.

They are only 1% of the total amount. The only limitation is that in case of extreme winnings exceeding 100,000 EUR they will be paid over a 10 month period, 10% monthly.

When it comes to games their selection has over 500 titles all coming from leading industry providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft and much more.

Keep in mind that certain games may not be accessible, depending on the country you live in and therefore access the site from.

Furthermore, the casino is mobile-friendly as it has both an iOS and an Android app. Now that we have documented why they are an excellent choice let’s talk money.

Mr Green Bonuses

The first thing everyone cares about is how high the initial deposit bonus can be.

Mr Green is different from other casinos as you, the player, have the ability to choose which bonus you want out of three available options.

mr green bonuses

1.Casino Bonus

With this option on any deposit of 20-100$, you will get a 100% bonus.

On top of that, you get 100 free spins to play on the slot game “Starburst”.

You also get another 100 free spins which you can use on other slot machines over the course of 20 days, being awarded 5 daily.

2.Sportsbook Bonus

Once more you make a deposit of a minimum 20$ but after that, things are different from the previous bonus.

You become able to make a bet of at least 20$ on a game of the Sportsbook. When this bet gets completed then you will receive another couple of 10$ bets.

After this point, the same 100 free spins are awarded to you, 5 daily, over the course of 20 days.

3.Live Casino Bonus

This is one of our favourites because you simply can’t lose the whole bet.

You will see what we mean in a bit if you keep reading.

So, just like before you deposit at least 20$ but this time the entirety of it will go to the gambling site’s live casino. If you win you get to keep your earnings.

If you lose you get what Mr Green likes to call a “Second Chance” which enables you to get back 50% of the deposit up to 50$.

Once more, the same 100 slots, 5 daily over the course of 20 days, is provided to you as well.

These three are the first deposit bonuses you can choose one from but there are also some other promotions going on their site.

The Gold Card Bonus

Now, this bonus we found just great.

It is both fun and rewarding once you get to know about it.

On the weekends, players have the ability to play on the “exclusive” table of blackjack.

While playing on that specific table players can earn various bonuses depending on some specific cards they may draw.

There are 17 golden cards each corresponding to a money amount. If you draw one of them you get the respective prize which may be 5, 10, 20 or even $50!

In case you get to draw the special Mr Green card which immediately awards all the players currently on the table with the amount of 20$ then you are “golden” yourself.

mr green bonuses

Closing Words

Now that you know all these it is time to learn that Mr Green isn’t praised only by us.

On the contrary, in fact, this online casino has been awarded multiple times both for its trustworthiness and great fair play as well as for the design and excellent support all players can and do receive on a daily basis.

If you were looking for a good, fair and trustworthy casino providing freedom of choice when it comes to first deposit bonuses then look no further.

Mr Green bonuses is the go-to online gambling site for you. Great bonuses and promotions are one thing but Mr Green on its entirety is something else.

Always keep in mind that you should play and gamble responsibly and without urges and we can guarantee you that by doing so there is no harm in good old fun online gambling.

We wish good luck to anyone that has chosen to play on their platform!

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