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Poker is one of the oldest playing card and table games in the history of modern mankind but what is that game really about?

Is it the excitement or just the pure rush from the adrenaline driving you to win the money prize? Well, we have two words for you that will answer all your questions. Bovada Poker.

If you have read our previous article then you most likely will already know that Bovada is the number one spot for US citizens who want to gamble on the Internet.

We already talked about the various games you could find on their platform but in this article we are going to emphasize on the Poker side of things in particular.

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Bovada Poker Review 2018

A Brief Overview

Before we go on and properly kick off today’s article we wanted to clarify some things.

Every time we may refer to a Poker term we will be talking about the things that apply to the most popular variation of them all, the Texas Hold’em.

If, for any case, we want to mention another type of Poker we will make sure that we do indeed refer to that specific variation’s name. Even though we recommend you to read the whole piece we are going to tell you how the article is going to be laid out.

For your convenience of course, we will divide it into several sections.

Bovada Poker Selection

Bovada, just like Bodog and Ignition which are the respective platforms for Canadian and European players accordingly, offers three kinds of Poker.

1.)Table Games

The very first is made up from the games you can find on the section of the casino games, in the table games category to be precise.

There are three titles there but we wouldn’t recommend playing since when you are playing against a computer you will never be able to bluff or manipulate your “opponents” very well.

Well, either way, the 3 titles you can find there are the Caribbean Stud Poker, the Tri Card Poker, and last but not least, the Classic Tri Card Poker.

2.)Video Poker

In the majority of online gambling platforms you will most likely going to encounter tons of Video Poker games but Bovada isn’t like the other players in the business. They may offer only 4 titles but nevertheless they are all excellent.

These are the Double Double Bonus Poker 1 Hand, the Joker Poker 1 Hand, the Joker Poker 3 Hands, and finally the Joker Poker 10 hands.

3.)The Poker Room

Are all these titles about Texas Hold’em Poker? The answer to that question is no!

They are not but this is the reason that a dedicated Poker section exists on the site. But we kid you not!

This Poker room isn’t like anything else you have seen before. In fact it is designed so well that thousands of people just like you use it everyday.

Bovada Poker Selection

 The Poker Client

First thing we are going to talk about is the client. But before you move on listen to this. This is NOT your usual downloadable client.

Yes, you can download it but on the site of Bovada everything with complete precautions.

Don’t worry, it is really safe as the site uses the latest technology in the online protection category. Just so you know, the client is available both for Windows and Mac users.

So what can you do on the client?

1.)Game Type

The first thing you are going to notice as soon as you start up the client is that there are two Game Types, the “Cash” and the “Zone”. Do not confuse that with the Poker variation as these are two completely different things.

The Cash section is your ordinary Poker. You sit at a table and start playing as you would normally do in any other case. The Zone, on the other hand, is a completely innovative way of playing Poker online.

What do you get tired of the most when gambling online? Probably it is all the time you have to wait for the round to end after you fold, right!?

Well, the Zone is here to eliminate that. As soon as you fold you will be redirected to a new table where you are going to be dealt a new hand immediately. This provides you with a hassle-free Poker playing experience enabling you to participate in up to 3 more hands per hour than you would play if using the normal method.

2.)Card Game

The second section of the client is where you are going to pick the preferred Poker variation you want to play. There are three different options.

The first and most popular variation is the Hold’em (or Texas Hold’em) Poker.

The second game type is Omaha. In case you don’t know how Omaha is played, it is pretty much the same game as Texas Hold’em but instead of being dealt two cards you get four.

The Flop, the Turn, and the River still exist but you will have to pick only two of your four cards and in combination with 3 of the five face-up cards you will have to make the best possible hand you can.

Everything else is your usual Texas Hold’em Poker rules.

The third and last available game type is the Omaha Hi/Lo. The only part where this variation differs from the classic Omaha game is at the showdown.

In Hi/Lo, the pot will be split, one part going to the best hand and the other going to the person with the low hand.

Even though it isn’t as popular as the other two game types, still many players like it just because you have two chances of winning the round instead of one regardless of how many players are seated at the table.

We won’t go into further details showing you what is qualified as the low hand but you can easily find that out on your own by doing a quick search online.

3.)Limit and Number of Seats

Technically, these are two different sections but since there aren’t many things to say here, we decided to include them both as one. The “Limit” is pretty self-explanatory. You get to pick whether you want to play on a No Limit, on a Pot Limit, or on a Fixed Limit table.

In case you don’t know here is how each of them plays out:

  • No Limit: There is no limit to the number of chips you can bet
  • Pot Limit: The amount of chips you can bet depends on how big the current size of the pot is
  • Fixed Limit: The amount of chips you can bet is, well, as the name suggests fixed. That means that you will be able to bet only a multiplier of the small/big bet (usually equivalent to the small and the big blind respectively)

In no case should you make the mistake of thinking that either of those three is going to help you in winning more or losing less.

In fact the Pot and the Fixed Limit games are considered by many professional gamblers to be more difficult than the No Limit option.

The number of seats can either be two, six, or nine. Based on the type of game and the Limit preferences you have chosen, some of the three seat options may be unavailable.

Bovada Poker Clients

Tournaments and Jackpot Sit n Go’s

Everything we have mentioned up to this point in the article refers to the usual Poker tables. But Bovada offers more than that.

In the tournament side, things get very interesting. On average, you can find more than 80 daily tournaments. Some of them are Freeroll ones meaning that you will not be required to buy into giving you the opportunity to increase your bankroll without going into any kind of risk.

On top of that, there are a lot of other options available to you. Some of those are Multi-table, Qualifiers, Guaranteed Prize Pool, and even the occasional WSOP tournaments.

Then you have the Jackpot Sit n Go’s. Those are completely different than anything you have experienced before. Even though the rules of the game remain completely the same, the prize you can get for winning and the time the game takes to come to an end are different.

As soon as you buy in with one of the four options (those being 2$, 7$, 15$, 30$) the jackpot will spin landing on a random multiplier which can be anything from 2 to 1000.

Of course, the highest ones are extremely rare to get.

So if you buy in the game with 7$ and you land on the 5x multiplier, if you win you will get 35$. Just so you know in those tables it will be just you and two other opponents.

The possible multipliers and their chances of hitting are:

  • 2x – 75%
  • 5x – 24.9%
  • 15x – 0.1%
  • 120x – 0.009%
  • 240x – 0.003%
  • 1,200x – 0.001%

In the last three ones, all players can win a prize thus the 1,200x (1,000x to the winner and 100x to both losers). The blinds increase every 3 minutes to ensure that the game is going to end fairly quickly.

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On Bovada Poker, just like on any other section of the site, you will be able to earn rewards.

The Poker Points though are fairly different than the other kinds of reward systems available on the platform. Every time you contribute to a hand in a ring game you will get some points.

For example, for every 0.01$ – 0.04$ you will get 0.05 points.

  • For 0.05$ – 0.24$ you get 0.10 points
  • For 0.25$ – 0.49$ you get 0.25 points
  • For 0.50$ – 0.99$ you get 0.50 points
  • For 1$ – 3$ you get 1 point

This changes however when playing in tournaments. There you will be able to gain only 3 points for every 1$ you spent on tournament fees such as the buy-in amount.

For the Jackpot Sit n Go’s you will get 0.25 points for every 1$ of the buy-in amount.

Those points can then be exchanged for a tournament ticket or a bonus in the sports book or the casino.

  • For a 10$ tournament ticket, you will have to spend 2200 points
  • For a 10$ sportsbook bonus, you must exchange 1800 points
  • For a 10$ casino bonus, the points you must give up are 1400

Don’t get excited though. Sure, you will be able to rake up those points fairly easy especially if you are a high roller but the only way you could profit from the reward system is if you are playing really methodically by using a very good strategy.

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Bovada Rewards


Bovada Poker is a great place to start spending your online gambling time. And with a great welcome bonus like the one they offer it must be really difficult to resist.

Make your first deposit and you can get a 100% bonus up to 500$. Instead of having to go through a playthrough requirement to clear the bonus, you will get it in parts every time you reach a specific amount of Poker points.

  • At 15 Poker Points (PP) you will get 5$
  • At 85 PP you will get 20$
  • At 185 PP you will get 25$
  • At 500 PP you will get 50$
  • At 1,500 PP you will get 150$
  • At 5,000 PP you will get 250$

Just so you know the whole site including Bovada Poker is mobile friendly meaning that you will be able to access all sections through a mobile device.


Having gone through everything there is about Bovada Poker, you must now be able to join the Poker rooms and start making some money.

If you want to keep up with the latest news and advice regarding online gambling and sports betting then make sure that you follow our website.

Now go visit Bovada’s platform and check out their Poker room.

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