Bovada Casino Points: How To Earn Them

bovada casino points

Bovada Casino is an online casino that we have a lot of time for and not only because of its long-standing history in the online gambling industry and its wide selection of games and bets that you can enjoy but also because of its fabulous rewards program that can earn you money and savings.

These rewards revolve around Bovada Casino Points that can be earned as you play.

With this guide “Bovada Casino Points: How to Earn Them”, you will learn just how to go about earning these points, what you can do with them and the rewards that you will get as you progress through the many levels.

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 bovada casino points

More About Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino has been an established online casino since 2011 and in that time it has become one of the most popular among players and punters alike.

As well as offering up some excellent casino games, slots, LIVE gaming and video poker, Bovada also appeals due to it being a hugely successful sportsbook as well.

BetSoft, Realtime Gaming, Rival and Revolver Gaming are the games developers behind the action you will find at Bovada Casino and each of these is big names in the industry that are used throughout various online casinos.

  • Licensed and Regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Wide variety of good quality slots and games
  • Lucrative bonuses and promotions

Among the many other reasons why players flock to this online casino is that it has fast payout times, some responsive customer support and a good selection of payment options that even includes Bitcoin>>

Bovada Casino has always been an industry leader and is very quick to act on any new trends.

One of these trends is that of Bitcoins now being used by many players to gamble online.

They have since made bitcoins one of their many payment options and since then a bunch of other online casinos has copied suit.

Customer support is always a big consideration for any player looking for a new online casino to play and fortunately, we can attest to the fact that Bovada Casino does excellently here.

They can be contacted via email, live chat or even telephone.

When you do get in touch with them, they are always friendly, helpful and eager to bring your issues to a resolution.

As for the games on offer, you can expect to see many of the most popular online slots around.

BetSoft is responsible for most of these and they are renowned for the quality that they regularly supply.

Graphics and animations are always top-notch and most of their games have some fantastic features that always have the potential to be very lucrative.

You can play anything from classic slots, themed slots and progressive jackpot slots and you can guarantee that whichever you choose will give you an entertaining experience and one that might just bring you some healthy profits.

how does boavada casino points work

What Are Bovada Casino Points?

Many online casinos will have a reward system or VIP program of some kind but in our opinion, not many are able to come close to what Bovada Casino offers its players.

Bovada Casino Points are the backbone of this rewards program and players will earn both Reward Points and Tier Points as they wager at the casino.

Tier points are what determine the level you are at and are never spent but Reward Points can be redeemed for more cash to place at the casino.

On top of that, the higher you climb the levels, the more you can be given back in cash back for every loss that you incur.

All tier points that you earn will never decrease either, so you are not punished if you ever take an extended break from playing.

You will always be at the level you were when you left it.

How Points are Earned

Before we get started on the different tiers, levels and what they will for you in terms of rewards and benefits, it is important that you know the sort of reward/tier points that you can earn from the various types of games at Bovada Casino.

  • Video Poker/ Table games – One point for every $1 wagered
  • Online Slots – Five points for every $1 wagered
  • Speciality games – fifteen points for every $1 wagered
  • Sports single bets – ten points for every $1 wagered
  • Sports teasers bets – fifteen points for every $1 wagered
  • Sports round robin bets – twenty points for every $ wagered
  • Sports parlays bets – twenty points for every $ wagered
  • Racebook straight bets – forty points for every $1 wagered
  • Racebook Exotics/multiples – sixty points for every $1 wagered

The above is how many Reward and Tier Points will be awarded for the stake of $1 on the specific games or bets placed.

Tier points and Reward Points are earned at the same rate but tier points cannot be redeemed for anything and are just kept accumulating to determine the tier levels and your current level status.

The Different Levels And Statuses

Below, we will take you through the different levels and their statuses and describe the sort of benefits you will get for each of them in terms of cashback and redemption rates.

As you will learn, the more you play, the higher you climb and therefore, the better rewards and benefits you get.

  • Starter

The starter is where all players will start out and there is no need for tier points to unlock it.

As a starter, you will only have access to level 1 rewards.

For every 2,500 reward points you get, they can be redeemed for $1 in cash.

Furthermore, you will be able to get 5% cashback on all losses that you sustain at the casino.

  • Rookie

Once you have earned 2,500 tier points, you will qualify for Rookie status where you can earn rewards across three different levels.

The redemption rate of 2,500 reward points for $1 is still the same as Rookie all throughout the three levels.

What will increases, however, is that you will get cashback on losses of 5.5%, 6% and 6.5% for level 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Unlocking those levels requires 5,000 tier points for level 2 and 10,000 tier points for level three.

  • Pro

Once you have played enough to reach 25,000 tier points, you are qualified to earn the rewards in the Pro levels.

As you work your way from level 1 to level three which requires 40,000 and 60,000 tier points respectively, you can take advantage of 7%, 7.5% and 8% cashback on any losses you make.

As for the redemption rate, you can now redeem a dollar for every 1,666 reward points that you have accumulated.

  • All-star

When you find yourself reaching 150,000 tier points, you are now classed as an All-Star and are therefore due to some even better benefits. 8.5%, 9% and 9.5% in cashback can be earned as you progress through the levels.

You will need 250,00 tier points to reach level two and 500,000 tier points to reach level 3.

You are now starting to get much better value with the redemption rate at All-Star too, as you will be given $1 for every 1,250 points should you request it.

  • Legend

Earn yourself 1,000,000 points and you have now hit the penultimate status of Legend.

Your cashback percentages across the three levels will be 10%, 11% and 12% on any losses that you sustain at the Bovada Casino.

On top of this, your redemption rate will drop to a cost of 1,000 points for every dollar you want.

  • Hall of Fame

Make it this far after earning a cool 5,000,000 points at Bovada Casino and you have reached Hall of Fame status.

There is only one level here and it will allow you to have a redemption rate of 1,000 for every dollar and a whopping 15% cashback on any losses that you sustain while playing.

That cashback percentage, in particular, can be worth a substantial amount of money over time and help you to cut your original losses by an impressive 15%.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to play at Bovada Casino but in our opinion, the excellent rewards system is one of the biggest of them.

The more you play, the higher you work your way up and the better your rewards and benefits will be.

What is there not to like about an online casino that rewards their players in such a way?

You will get a better exchange rate for your points when redeeming them for cash and you will also get a higher percentage of cash back on all the losses that you might sustain at the tables and games or when placing bets.

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We do hope that you have gained some value from our “Bovada Casino Points: How To Earn Them” guide and have given you the needed information about what these casino points are, how you can use them and what you can earn from them.

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