Can Online Casinos Be Rigged?

can online casinos be rigged

Perhaps no other thing can destroy the inner peace of a punter as to know that the other side is cheating and has been using a loaded dice.

Casino rigging works in a similar way as the house or casino rigs the game to minimize payouts to as little as possible.

By casino rigging, we mean rigging in the real sense of the word or to put it another way, manipulate the outcome in such a way which will lead you to lose no matter what you do.

Most casino games are defined as games of chance and a game of chance means that you may win or lose as everything depends on the chance and odds.

But if a casino is rigged and you are going to lose anyway then it’s no longer a game of chance, indeed it is just another way of stealing your money by promising you a fair game of chance where your winnings or losses depend on the odds.

Trust is the foundation of a business and nowhere this maxim is truer than in the world of online gambling.

As often, most people especially those new to online casinos ask themselves a question before making a deposit that whether they can trust the casino establishment to play in a fair manner.

In this article, we will answer if it is possible that behind the scenes, can online casinos be rigged?

can online casinos be rigged

Casino rigging is a practice which is probably as old as the casinos themselves.

Successful and well-run casinos don’t need to rig a game.

To be profitable as by offering lower than theoretical odds, they ensure that no matter how good a player they will have to pay lower payouts and winnings as would have been the case with ideal odds.n

This practice is known as “house edge” and most professional players are aware of this. Most veteran punters accept this as they also understand well that casinos need to earn profits to be in business.

So, now we hope we have covered the basics and have differentiated between house edge and casino rigging, let’s move to the main discussion.

In one word, yes, it’s possible to rig an online casino and online casinos can be easily rigged and are often rigged by unreliable owners and administrators.

Although, thankfully there is a huge community of online casino players and it doesn’t take long for them to identify an online casino which is rigged unfavourably against its players.

How Online Casinos Are Rigged

One common way for online casinos to rig a game is by advertising high payouts signifying that their take will be small or even 0 in some cases and then offer lower odds to players.

This experience is shared by lots of customers and is legally a fraud.

Although, to prove that a casino is cheating, you must have quite advanced mathematical skills, and must play thousands of time and then compare the records which you have collected.

Although, to prove that a casino is cheating, you must have quite advanced mathematical skills, and must play thousands of time and then compare the records which you have collected.

Online casinos offer free games as bait for attracting customers and often advertise 100% payout, while most will never pay more than 95%-96%, if done legally they can claim this to be their take or house edge.

But if a casino is advertising 100% payouts when the real payout is 96%, then they are committing a legal fraud using false advertising and marketing tactics.

Many customers complain that when they played a free game, odds favoured them and they could win most of the times, but after switching to a paid game when they’ve bet their own money, they started losing.

This is a sign that the online casino has rigged the game and you must stay away from online casinos which follow this sort of or any similar practice.

Most incidents of fraud occur with card games, where casinos offer lower than random odds and do their best to make a player lose.

Veteran players can easily detect such a fraud, but not all of us have the gut feeling required to detect that a game has been rigged from the start.

can online casinos be rigged

Blackjack, for example, has clearly defined mathematical odds, which slightly favours the house or casino.

For someone, with no prior experience of blackjack or of its several variants, it’d be almost impossible to know that they’ve been given weak cards from the start.

Although, someone with a good understanding of the mathematics behind the game and the game itself it’ll be quite easy to detect such a thing.

Some online games other than table and card ones can be programmed to be rigged using other more sophisticated methods by modern technology.

Most online casinos use random number generators, which is basically a software running on various mathematical algorithms and an RNG ensures that the game is random.

Casinos and gambling whether online or offline are basically about randomness as if an outcome of a game has been decided even before the start, and there is no randomness involved in terms of the outcome.

Random number generators used by online casinos ensure that the outcome is random and minimize the chance of rigging.

Random number generators are used in most roulette games offered by online casinos as it’s these RNGs whose job is to generate a random winning number.

So, if you are playing with an online casino which uses certified random number generators, then chances of rigging are almost nil.

To decide whether online casinos can be rigged it’s necessary to separate fact from fiction and the answer can be both Yes and No depending on your own perspective.

Technical things aside, we still can’t say for sure that random number generators generate 100% random results.

Nonetheless, online casinos using these are considered more trustworthy than those without a random number generator.

How To Protect Yourself From A Rigged Online Casino

Now, it has become clear that there is no silver bullet which will protect you from a rigged online casino.

And to tell the truth there are very few ways in which a normal player can identify when an online casino is rigging the game.

Identifying rigged online casinos is an expensive and lengthy process which will require you to play thousands of hands with them, keep all the records, tally the odds promised with the actual results and sadly most of us also do not have the time to do this.

All you need to do is to avoid online casinos which have been known to employ shady practices and where other players have faced trust issues.

Old habits die hard and this is also true with online casinos.

Many casino owners try to start new casinos after defrauding people, but thanks to the vigilant gambling community online, you can get information about most of the online casinos and the people who are running these establishments.

After all, genuine business people don’t hide information as there is no need for them to do this.

Make sure that you play only with reputed online casinos and don’t choose a casino based on their advertised free bonuses and welcome packages only.

Instead, you must carefully read the reviews about them and pay close attention to what other punters have to say about their own experience with a specific online casino, before you choose one.

can online casinos be rigged


We’d like to conclude this article with some practical advice for our readers.

As you’ve seen an answer to the question; can online casinos be rigged? is Yes, as it’s possible to rig an online casino using various method identified above which directly affects the outcome of a game.

Online casinos also use other tactics which make withdrawing your winnings difficult or impossible.

This doesn’t mean that the initial game was rigged but is certainly a sign of caution as no reputed online casino would like to risk their reputation on a few bucks.

The only thing which you can do is do your best in terms of research and read all the reviews about a casino before choosing one.

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