How To Play Online Roulette With Bonus Codes

online roulette bonuses

Not many people know this but the Roulette was actually one of the very first gambling games to ever be invented.

Some history experts believe its origins go as back as the 17th century but the game as we know it today began from Paris in 1796. Due to the rise of technology, we can now enjoy online all those casino games we love.

Thanks to the nature of our website we are going to talk about this particular game today.

So, how to play online roulette with bonus codes? Did you think we were just going to discuss the actual game?

Of course not, we are here to make some money and you are too!

How To Play Online Roulette With Bonus Codes

How To Play Online Roulette?

Now, hold on for a second. Before we jump to the money making part we would first like to address the rules and types of the game once again. You might be surprised by how little you know about Roulette.

First things first. There are 37 numbers on a normal roulette. This is the zero and all number 1-36. We say “normal” because some casinos actually offer a particular variation that includes a double zero (00) selection thus making the total number of possible outcomes 38.

This is what is commonly referred to as American Roulette. Please stay away from those.

The odds of losing increase on them. The house edge is almost double as well.

The player can bet either on straight numbers or on a selection of various combinations. These can be the red/black, odd/even, 1-18, 19-36, on the first, second, and third 12 pack of numbers, or the whole columns.

When you play on a real casino you can even bet on two, three, or four numbers that are adjacent to each other.

Those may not be offered in an online roulette game.

Each of those combinations has different payouts. Straight numbers pay 35 to 1, columns and dozens pay 2 to 1, and red/black, 1-18, 19-36, and odd/even all pay 1 to 1. We aren’t going to mention all the possible outcomes and payout but if you want to take a look then you can visit this page.

Depending on the outcome you will receive the winnings accordingly. If none of your bets applies to the winning number then you lose your wager.

How To Use Bonus Codes For Playing Online

When you sign up to an online casino you are most likely going to receive some kind of welcome gift. These are the so-called Bonus Codes, Welcome Offer/Bonus and so on. Those offers come alongside some terms and conditions though.

These are the rollover requirements and indicate how much times the bonus amount must be wagered before any winnings that came from gambling using it can be withdrawn. A couple of other things you must be careful about are the deadlines and the maximum win amount.

If all that sounds a like a lot of a hassle then you are using the right mindset. Casinos are designed in such a way to make money no matter what happens. But you reading this specific article means that you are clever and if you follow our advice you can outsmart the house and let them take another man’s money while you fill up your wallet.

What are some things you must pay attention to when registering on a new online gambling platform?

First is the legitimacy and fairness both of the casino and of the games offered. Next is the bonus terms. Try going for a rollover smaller than 35 times. This may sound easy at first but believe us, it isn’t easy at all. Make sure that live roulette games are indeed offered and you are good to go.

Not all the games offered on the casino will be eligible or contribute the same ratio towards the minimum wagering requirements. Lucky for you, even though roulette only counts for 5-10%, there is a way you could outsmart the casino but be aware though because if the house deems your playing style inappropriate they have the right to ban you and seize your winnings.

Let’s say that you make your first deposit of 50$ and you get a 100% bonus which is another fifty dollars. If the rollover is 25 times this means that you would have to bet 1250$ before you can withdraw any winnings.

Here is how you can clear it.

You just use the combinations with 1:1 or 2:1 payout. I know what you are thinking. If I bet on all three dozens I can always win thus keep my money and clear the rollover at the same time, right? Wrong!

The casino will not let you do that because they aren’t idiots.

Yes, there is the small possibility of you getting a 0 as the result and losing but at the end you will have the majority of the bonus amount in your pocket.

So what do you do? You will either bet only on a couple of the columns or dozens.

That way you have a chance of 64.8% of winning the bet. Based on simple math, you may even get to win. But casinos, both physical and online ones, are, were, and will always be two steps ahead. They may not let you do that especially if they check and find out that you are in a bonus clearing phase.

But there is another way that may help you get a profit which might be small but still, it remains to be a profit.

Just bet on red or black, odd or even etc. Any 1:1 payout will be good. If you don’t want to do that then you can still bet on the same column or dozen every time.

If you don’t get it at first then the chances of you getting it on the next two are too high. Change it up every time you win. This actually is a betting strategy professional gamblers use from all around the world.

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How To Play Online Roulette With Bonus Codes

Advice And Tips On How To Rule The Roulette Table

The very first thing you have to do is to always choose the European (or French) Roulette.

No matter the selection you bet your money on, the odds of winning when playing on the American roulette will always be smaller. 0.5-1% may look like nothing at first but tell that to us after you have played through a hundred rounds.

Now, when things come to the betting strategies you can use when playing online roulette, there is an abundance of options but only a few of them are actually good. You have to remember that math can take the risk out of gambling.

In Blackjack you can count cards in order to determine your chances of getting a good hand and thus increasing your wager at the right time can earn you a lot of money. In roulette, you can still win but there isn’t such a thing as a “guaranteed” win.

There is a reason why we prompt you to always choose the live roulette tables. Everything can affect the outcome. How strong the croupier releases the ball or turns the roulette? Are some pockets deeper or shallower than the others? What were the last 20 results? This may sound like gibberish but they do actually matter a lot.

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According to Frank Scoblete, a professional gambler, and author, dealers may sometimes have a signature move. This is all about the strength they put when turning the roulette and throwing the ball in it.

So here is our advice inspired by his words.

Pick a specific section, maybe 5 adjacent numbers on the wheel, and wait until he hits one of those numbers. Now pay attention to the next round. Did it hit it again?

If so then keep watching and changing the section every time he hits it twice in a row. Does it look like he will often land on the same section for two or more consecutive times? If yes, then start betting on it!

Betting on numbers is the only sure way you can make money out of the roulette. With the payout ratio being 15:1 you can turn the tides and Lady Luck (or, if you prefer, just math) will aid you in your journey of becoming the roulette wheel’s master and make big profits out of betting on it.


You could always win the Martingale system (doubling your bet every time you lose while betting on the same option, usually red or black) or other renowned “winning” strategies but remember that the casino may not allow you to apply them and if it does allow you to then you may not even win using them.

Fibonacci, the Labouchere betting system, and the list goes on and on. All these cannot guarantee you making a profit 100%.

You came here because you wanted to know how to play online roulette with bonus codes and we did the best we could in helping you do so.

Now, the only thing left for you to do is to pick a good online casino and start gambling on the roulette, preferably using the European or French variation.

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