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In Malta, winning the lottery has instantly caused jackpots to rise drastically. Reports show that they’ve increased by more than ten thousand Euros to millions.

Of course, this is good news to ready gamblers, but it’s also come with unexpected confusion.
Why do you need to do to make sure that you benefit from this rare opportunity? Well, the only answer is visiting Yobetit.com.

The site comes with something special called YoMillions which will easily satisfy your gaming needs.

Besides, it comes with insane jackpot prices for those living in Malta. Through this, YoMillions is turning out to be a fantastic place for you to place your bets and win some of the highest paying Bitcoin lotteries.

Here, we’ll look at other reasons why this online casino is a reliable option for all gamblers.

Yobetit.Com: Overview

Once you open the site, you’ll see the Jack Russel Terrier, Skeeve who’s wearing a top hat and a bow. It’s quite an attractive figure which merely welcomes you to ‘where top dogs play.’

It’s an online platform that tries as much as possible to give you the best Bitcoin Lottery rewards in a fun and safe gaming environment.

The service and brand reflect loyalty, rewards, and trust for all who wish to wager and win fantastic cashouts. It’s also important to mention that other than Bitcoin Lottery games, the site is also known for casino and esports events.

Well, we all know that if you want to enjoy an online gaming service, you first have to subscribe. A long subscription process is quite discouraging especially if you’re looking to make some fast earnings. Because of this, Yobetit.com has an easy and quick signing up process.

In just a couple minutes, you’ll be ready to go!

Complete Review of Yobetit.Com’s Bitcoin Lottery

Ordering a Ticket

Do you remember how some time back you had to visit a lotto booth just to get a ticket?

Well, the good thing is those days are behind us, and we can only thank the internet and Bitcoin. Yobetit.com recognized the need for change as the only way to excite its loyal and new subscribers.

Therefore, once you log in, you’ll love its lively feel and bright colours. The appearance just makes playing Bitcoin Lottery quite enjoyable and straightforward too.

Bonuses And Promotions

One of the critical things that you’ll learn by playing Bitcoin Lottery here is that the site offers only the best cash rewards for its loyal and new customers. They include:

  • Welcome bonus

Once you subscribe, you start off with incredible 99c rates which are quite tempting!

  • Instant Payouts

In simple terms, the site makes sure that you won’t have to keep waiting before claiming your prize. Once you win, the cash is deposited instantly into your account.

With this kind of speed, it shows why it’s growing in popularity!

  • Regular Promotions

The website gives you the chance to walk away with some additional prizes through YoMillions. It advertises them across various platforms from social media to newspapers and of course, on the site too!

Therefore, you’ll always know the latest update.

  • Insane Jackpots

The site boasts of the most extensive collections of international Bitcoin Lotteries in one location. Their numbers have been slowly growing as its service keeps growing and improving.

Here, you’ve got Powerball, EuropMillions and Mega Millions, among others, with jackpots of more than 100 million Euros. Furthermore, you’ll find cash rewards of close to 600 million Euros on YoMillions.

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yobetit bonuses and promotions

Secure Payment Systems

Yobetit.com dedicates itself to keeping client information safe through applying proper encryptions. The site comes with some of the smartest security standards and monitors all transactions daily.

It also has a valid gaming licence that further proves you’ll always get 100% of your winnings. And if you prefer using credit cards to make your deposits, the site accepts:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa cards
  • Maestro

Customer Support

The site has a professional and friendly customer help and support team that works throughout the day. It has a page entirely dedicated to answering your pressing questions to guide you when creating an account or placing your bets.

Also, feel free to reach out to them through email or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

In doing so, the site helps you to keep tabs on ongoing prizes, promotions and upcoming lotteries. With this kind of support, you get just the assistance you need for a fun and exciting gaming experience!

Who Can Play Yobetit.Com’s Bitcoin Lotteries?

The online gaming house accepts gamblers from Malta and all other countries where online betting is legal.

So, before signing up, first make sure that what you’re about to do is according to the law. Also, it’s an adult gaming platform allowing only players of eighteen years or more.

Of course, using its strict security measures, the site can quickly detect underage persons trying to make a withdrawal. How? Well, before you can claim your cash, you’ll first have to prove your identity!

Final Thoughts

The online Bitcoin Lottery site is fully licensed by MGA or the Malta Gaming Authority which shows that it’s a place where you can feel safe placing your bets. Furthermore, its YoMillions platform gives you the rare chance of walking away with some huge winnings.

Arguably, it’s the best place in Malta providing Bitcoin Lotto as the wave of cryptocurrencies keeps on growing. It’s merely becoming not only a living but also a breathing jackpot.

Currently, it has more than 2,000 Bitcoins which is about 19 million Euros according to reports from the current rate of exchange. What’s more, on a good day, this lotto can see you walk away with millions.

All in all, with a lot of Bitcoin lotteries creeping into Malta, the above reasons show why Yobetit.com is still one of the best services around.

So, use this opportunity, start by subscribing and you never know, maybe you could be the next millionaire to hit the online gaming platform!

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