How to Claim Online Casino Bonus Codes

How to Claim Online Casino Bonus Codes

If you’re considering signing up to a new online casino or are looking to get the most back from your favourite casino, then it’s always worth checking to see if there are any online casino bonus codes available.

There are very few, if any, online casino rooms that don’t feature some kind of promotion or bonus these days, so the odds are, if you want to play on a certain online casino, there is going to be a bonus offer available.

Whether you’re new to online casinos, or a veteran player, it pays to know where you stand with bonus codes, and just what the process is for claiming them.

To start the ball rolling, let’s take a look at the different types of online casino bonus available.

How to Claim Online Casino Bonus Codes

What Are the Different Types of Online Casino Bonus?

Competition is rife between online casino rooms to see who can offer the biggest, best, and most exciting bonuses.

That means one thing for players… more bonuses to play with!

Depending on which online casino site you’re looking at, you’re going to come across quite the variance amongst bonuses. These are some of the most popular bonuses being offered amongst online casinos:

  • No Deposit Bonus – A free bonus, normally consisting of free spins or credits, that players get without making a deposit on the site.
  • Matched Deposits – The casino matches a percentage of your deposit. This can be a small percent or a large percent.
  • Free Spins – Either free spins on a bonus reel or free spins on certain games may be offered after making a deposit.
  • VIP Bonuses – A selection of bonuses offered to VIP members of a site.

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How Do You Find Bonus Codes for Online Casinos?

Many of these bonuses can be activated through the use of codes, much like with any offer for reduced-price products or services.

There are a number of ways that you can gain access to the codes, including the following three popular methods:

  • Featured on the Site – Some online casinos feature their codes on the website itself. This is likely to either be on the main page or on the promotions/bonuses tab.
  • Friend Referral – Certain online casinos will provide you with a bonus code if you refer someone else to the site. Sometimes you and the referred individual will receive a code.
  • Bonus Code Sites – There are a number of online bonus code and promotion sites that offer codes for free or list the best codes and offers from casino sites.

How Do You Claim Your Code?

Each site is a little different, with a slightly different method of submitting bonus codes or a different site layout.

However, the process is normally very transferable between the main sites. Claiming your code is often a five-step process:

Step One: Find the code that you want to claim and copy it or write it down.

Step Two: Visit the corresponding online casino site.

Step Three: Go to the promotions page or the section of your profile where it allows you to enter the code.

Step Four: Paste the code in or type it out and press the enter button (could be called claim or apply)

Step Five: Enjoy your bonus code!

How Many Codes Can You Claim?

Normally, codes are restricted to a single use. In terms of joining bonuses, codes are normally only usable if you haven’t made a deposit on that particular online casino site before.

Sometimes, joining bonuses can come in two or three parts, allowing you to receive a bonus on your first two or three deposits.

If you are unsure, it’s always worthwhile checking the terms and conditions of the casino site.

Certain bonus codes will allow you to gain access to monthly, weekly, or daily bonuses that run on some online casino sites.

While the bonus may be the same each month, very often a different code will be required to claim them.

Keeping up with the latest news from your preferred casino will keep you in the loop with whats on offer and what bonuses you can claim for.

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What Are the Restrictions on Bonus Codes?

While bonuses offer free credits to play with or matched credits, they are not always usable in all gambling games that the site offers.

Some bonuses are restricted to use on certain games, or a percentage of them must be used on certain games.

Again, if you are unsure whether you’ll be able to play your favourite games, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions.

Online slot machines are normally a very safe bet, as most sites allow you to use your bonuses for a variety of slots.

Occasionally, you may also encounter restrictions on the use of bonus credits on certain bets. Some sites require that you make certain wagers with your bonus amount.

How Do You Withdraw Credits Won with a Bonus Code?

Of course, claiming your bonus code is only the first step to really seeing the benefits of additional free spins, free wagers, and the chance to play with extra credits.

The next step is being able to withdraw any winnings earnt with the free online bonus codes.

Almost all casino sites have different policies surrounding withdrawal of credits earnt using bonus codes, so it’s important to take a look at the individual withdrawal limits on the site that you’re using.

Very often, there will be regulations surrounding the amount that you have to wager in addition to the bonus amount before you can withdraw any credits.

Also, some sites have set time limits on the amount you can withdraw within a period of time.

So that you know what to expect from any bonus wins, it’s important to take a look at these conditions when you claim your code.

Bonus codes are a great way to try out new casinos with fun and often very high welcome amounts, that may be much more than what you would normally bet.

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With so many bonus codes out there to claim, and with whats on offer changing so regularly, it’s certainly worth paying close attention to the latest and greatest offers around!

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