Pornhub Blackjack: How To Get Started

PornHub Casino’s LIVE Blackjack Unlimited

If you are a fan of the classic casino table called Blackjack and are looking for a new and interesting way to enjoy it – you might just like Pornhub Blackjack, a game that is seeing floods of males flocking to the tables.

Why? Simply put, naked flesh of the female kind!

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Pornhub Casino might have only launched back in 2016 but it is already a hugely popular online casino.

Of course, this is all down to the quality of games and nothing to do with some beautiful LIVE dealers that are wearing next to nothing!

Pornhub Blackjack is one of the classic casino table games on their LIVE dealer suite at their online casino and unsurprisingly, it is always frequented by male players who want to enjoy some eye-candy at the same time as enjoying an online gambling session.

Read on to learn more about Blackjack at Pornhub Casino and the many other games that they have to offer.

pornhub blackjack

What Is Pornhub Blackjack?

Pornhub is an adult website that shares adult movies via streaming software and is one of the biggest in its industry.

However, just last year in 2016, they decided to try and expand into the online gambling industry by bringing a product that has their own special flavours incorporated.

Pornhub Blackjack is just one of the classic table games that they provide that includes a pretty woman that is happy to show off their birthday suit. They also have a verity of others that we will tell you about a little later.

If you have ever played Blackjack at your local land-based casino or at an online casino, this game involves you pitting your wit against the dealer.

The aim is to outscore the dealer by either being dealt a higher value hand of no more than 21 or ideally landing 21 in just two cards (the best hand in the game).

Be careful though, should your hand value be more than 21 you will go bust and lose the hand.

Also, should the dealer land blackjack or stick on a higher value than you did, you will also lose.

What Are Live Dealer Games?

LIVE dealer games are all the rage at online casinos these days as they provide an experience that can only be explained as being half online casino and half land-based casino.

You are still sitting at home or looking at a screen on your PC or mobile device but there is an actual dealer being live streamed to you.

They will have an actual Roulette table or playing cards to operate in much the same way as any other dealer would at a bricks and mortar casino.

Here are some reasons why LIVE dealer games are so popular:

• No RNG software
• Results are shown in real-time
• Bets and wins calculated automatically
• Sophisticated betting software

Many players are a little bit unsure of whether they can trust the software based games at online casinos. This is because all of the results are determined by RNG (random number generator) software.

While a legit online casino is licensed and regulated by authorities that will make sure this RNG software passes strict random tests, players will always prefer to see a result happen in front of their eyes rather than through a program.

This offers a peace of mind that although RNG based games are deemed fair by regulators, that you are being safer than sorry for playing LIVE dealer games that do not use software such as this.

The only software that is used is the software that you use to play the game and then the software that automatically recognised the physical results on the screen.

This software can read the cards and the Roulette wheel and will automatically award players their payouts if they were lucky enough to win.

Pornhub Blackjack: How To Get Started

Are the Rules the Same As Regular Blackjack?

Yes, the rules that you will know from traditional Blackjack are still in play on Pornhub Blackjack. Well, apart from the fact that the dealer has to be female and wearing very little of course.
Essentially, all players at the table are competing against the dealer. They and that dealer are dealt two cards face down (one face up with regards to the dealer’s cards).

Players then take turns to either stick with the total hand values that they have or take further cards to try and improve their hand’s overall value.
Card Values:

• 2 – 10 are face value
• Jack, Queen and King are worth 10
• Ace can be worth 1 or 11

Players should be trying to get a hand value as high as possible without going over 21 which will bust their hand. If a player gets 21 (an ace and a 10 value card) from their first two cards, they have Blackjack.

Players will also win if they manage to outscore the dealer even if they do not hit a Blackjack.

Those are just our simplified rules for the game but you probably already know how to play the game anyway. If you do not know how to play, there are plenty of guides out there that can help you but we have provided the core basics at the very least.

What Other Live Dealer Games Does Pornhub Offer?

Pornhub Casino has an extensive range of LIVE dealer games that have the added benefit of some rather pretty lady dealers that are wearing next to nothing. They have multiple tables of the following games with a different dealer on each:

• Roulette
• Baccarat
• Casino Hold’em

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Those are the only other LIVE dealer games that they have and the only other games that you are going to get to see some semi-naked women. Each of these games offers up a good chance at winning some well-sized payouts while they also up plenty of peaking at the dealers best bits.

They do have various other types of games that you can enjoy, however. This includes everything from an extensive range of online slots, software-based casino table games, video poker, bingo and other instant-win games.

Does Pornhub Casino Have Any Bonuses?

Pornhub Casino runs a number of good bonuses that are worth checking out. They have a welcome bonus that could be worth up to $500 and also have weekly bonuses that are worth $300 and $200 respectively f you deposit the maximum amounts.

• Welcome Bonus – For all new members at the site that make their first deposit, they will have it doubled to a maximum of $500.

• Monday Double Deposit Bonus – On Mondays players can have their deposits once again doubled but this time up to a maximum of $200.

• Friday Double Deposit Bonus – Fridays allows players to have double deposits of up to a maximum of $300.

They are also known to run seasonal bonuses on occasion, so always keep an eye out to see what they have on offer. They might just have something special lined up for this Christmas like they did last year.

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Is Pornhub Casino Licensed and Regulated?

This online casino has licenses from both Curacao and the Malta Gaming Authority. The latter in particular is recognised as one of the better online gambling regulatory authorities.

As part of some strict regulations, Pornhub Casino must provide an online gambling experience that is not only fair but also safe for players.

This means providing games that have been tested for their fairness and providing software and policies that will protect the information and transactions that players make at the online casino.

This means strong firewalls, 128-bit encryption technology and proper policies in place that their staff are to abide by in a strict manner.

Other policies that Pornhub Casino will have to create include that of promoting responsible gambling and that of their ID verification procedures.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for something a little bit out there when it comes to online gambling, the Pornhub Casino might be worth checking out.

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We actually think that while the main gimmick is plain to see, the actual online casino product underneath is of a very high standard.

They have some good bonuses, a variety of different payment methods a good selection of games and their customer service is of a good level.

Additionally, we have found no complaints online about this casino, so that bodes very well for its reputation.

Pornhub Casino is more than worth a try as it does have a lot of quality that goes far deeper than the women on display. As most of their games are developed by Betsoft, you can be sure that the quality of them will be of a very high standard indeed.

Of all the games, we definitely recommend Pornhub Blackjack but any of the LIVE dealer games are pretty good for obvious reasons.

Even if naked women is not your thing, there are plenty of other options that you can consider playing at the Pornhub Casino.

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