Bitcoin Jackpots & Where To Find Them

Bitcoin Jackpots

Unless you have been living in a cave the past few years, you will know that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole are trending massively.

The huge surge in the value of these digital currencies has turned some people into millionaires – especially those that believed in and invested in them early.

It was never going to be long before the online gambling industry and other industries sat up and took notice and that is why we now have the ability to use Bitcoins as a payment method at online casinos and also win Bitcoin jackpots.

There are a number of online casinos out there that now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method – allowing players to get their funds on and off the sites in a quicker, cheaper and more discreet manner.

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What Is A Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin were designed to make the process of financial transactions, faster, easier and less expensive.

When you make transactions using fiat currencies such as the GBP or USD, there are so many intermediaries that get in the way.

Too many financial institutions taking a cut, slowing down the process and thus increasing the fees that people have to pay.

With cryptocurrencies, you are using a decentralized peer-to-peer payment method that has no central or controlling authority.

You simply send your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies directly between the buyer and seller.

Banks have no authority over cryptocurrencies and this is why on the whole they are against what cryptocurrencies are trying to achieve.

Many feel that this form of digital currency will one day replace the traditional currencies that we use today – or at the very least, traditional financial institutions will create their own digital currencies.

What Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin As A Payment Method?

You will actually be quite surprised at how many online casinos have gone down the cryptocurrency route in recent years.

There are dozens of them, in fact, these days, we even listed twenty Bitcoin casinos in another article of ours.

  • Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino has always been one of our favourites and this is one of the best online casinos around that accepts Bitcoin.

This means that you can play here without paying any transaction fees whatsoever!

In fact, Bovada strongly encourages the use of Bitcoin as a payment method.

It does this by offering its best Welcome Bonus to those of you that use Bitcoin as a payment method.

That welcome bonus is a staggering 150% match deposit bonus of up to $1,500 should you use Bitcoin.

Players that use standard payment methods can only get a 100% bonus of up to $1,000. That is still a great welcome bonus but the extra 50% goes a long way to making the Bitcoin offering a highly attractive one.

As well as the ability to use Bitcoin, you can also expect the following from Bovada Casino.

  • Great Welcome Bonuses
  • Big Name in the Online Gambling Industry
  • Hundreds of Quality Online Slots
  • Accepts US-based Players

Go and check it out now if you have not already!

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  • mBit Casino

If you have other cryptocurrencies as well as Bitcoin, mBit Casino is somewhere you should be checking out.

It lets you use the Litecoin, Doge, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash alongside Bitcoin as ways to get currencies on and off their casino.

This online casino was developed purely for cryptocurrencies as you might be able to tell from the name and ever since its launch in 2014, it has grown to become a firm favourite among players.

As for the welcome bonus here, you are going to be completely spoiled for your first three deposits.

Your first deposit will give you a 200% match deposit up to the value of 500 EUR in whatever currency you decide to use. Your second deposit will give you a 50% match deposit up to 500 EUR and your third is worth another 500 EUR with a 25% match deposit bonus.

They also run regular weekly promotions on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays which means that you will always have some kind of bonus waiting for you when you deposit.

  • More than 900 Bitcoin Jackpots Slots
  • Lucrative Bonuses
  • VIP Program
  • Sportsbook Available

mBit Casino is an online casino that you really have to see to believe!

  • Loki Casino

Another great option when you want to use Bitcoin to perform transactions at an online casino is that of Loki Casino.

This online casino lets you use all of the standard payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers but also lets you use the cheap, easy and instant Bitcoin payment method as well.

Loki Casino likes to make its new players feel very welcome by handing out match deposits worth up to $300 and 100 free spins!

Your first deposit at this online casino will give you those 100 free spins and a 100% match deposit bonus up to $100. The second and third deposits are both worth up to $100 but will be 75% and 50% match deposit bonuses respectively.

As well as a great welcome bonus and the ability to use Bitcoin, this online casino also provides:

  • Close to 1,000 Games
  • High-Class Customer Support
  • Regular Weekly Promotions
  • Loyalty Program

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are without a doubt, the future of payments.

They are just far better than traditional methods in almost every department.

No longer do we have to wait 3-5 days to get make a transaction that then charges you a huge fee for the lengthy wait.

Instant transactions, no fees and increased privacy – what more could we ask for when wanting to get money onto our favourite online casinos so that we can enjoy Bitcoin Jackpots?

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Cryptocurrencies and online gambling are two industries that are going to go hand in hand for the foreseeable future and we should all be taking advantage of the increased benefits that this combination brings.

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