Top Online Casinos For Maltese Players

Malta Online Casinos

Malta is quickly becoming the international Mecca of online sports betting and online casinos.

With its heavy (and early) investment in crypto currencies (such as the first Bitcoin ATM) and attractive incentives for the online gaming industry, online gambling companies are heavily investing in Malta and all its possibilities.

But, today we are not talking about that. Today we are talking about the vast selection of top online casinos for Maltese players that are out there giving the Maltese people a chance to also make use of this “boom” and play their favorite games or bet on their favorite football team.

Due to the restrictions by gambling laws of each country, not all online casinos and bookmakers have the option to be available in every country, hence why today we decided to bring you our list of top online casinos for Maltese players.

Top Online Casinos For Maltese Players

These are some of our favorite online casinos that we have reviewed and see fit for the Maltese audience, if you’re not interested in online casinos but would rather do sports betting; then we advise you to see this (longer) list of online bookmakers available in Malta.

Let’s look at what we have available in the Maltese Islands…

William Hill

WilliamHill Casino

WilliamHill is surely a well-recognized casino within the Maltese markets.

From their heavy sponsorship of the English Premiership and also with teams within it, William Hill (or WillHill) is a fan-favourite in Malta and has been for decades.

You can see our full William Hill review here, or you can go and claim the 100% bonus.


LeoVegas Casino Mobile App

LeoVegas is another online casino that is based in Malta and also is open to accepting players from the Maltese Islands.

Here at AlphaCasinos, we thoroughly enjoyed LeoVegas giving it a solid 4-star rating in our review.

It has all the varieties of online casinos games you would want for (including live in-play poker with real dealers) and also a hefty sportsbook with betting options and events from across the world.

If you’re in Malta and you’re thinking about signing up to an online casino to start playing a few games, then LeoVegas is definitely one of the best out there.

Betsson Casino

bettson casino review

Slots more your thing?

Bettson has got you covered, and with an attractive 100% bonus on your first deposit, this surely makes Betsson one of the best online casinos for Maltese players we have so reviewed so far.

The casino also has one of the cleanest and smoothest interfaces out there so if you appreciate an easy-to-use website, give Betsson a go.

Claim your 100% bonus here and get started with Betsson Casino


Bet365 casino

Surely, Bet365 needs no introduction to the world or to Maltese players. They are one of the leading sports books in the world (and probably the biggest too).

Luckily, Bet365 is also available in Malta, and if you’re interested in getting started with them to see what made them such an influential force in online casinos, you can see our Bet365 review.

Some may think that Bet365 is more for sports betting rather than online casino, but you’d be wrong.

Yes, their sports book is their primary focus, but they also have a fantastic selection of casino table games, slots, and even Bingo Lobbies.

Get you 100% matching bonus from Bet365 here >>

B-Bets Casino

BBets Review

B-Bets is one of the newest casinos on this list, but after doing reviewing both the casino and their sportsbook, we can say that we thoroughly enjoyed using it.

Apart from their stellar sports book, which you can see a review of here, their casino can definitely compete with the other (more experienced) online casinos on this list.

Their main attractions consist of:

Slots, Poker, baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Scratch cards and many more other classic casino tables games.

Interested? B-Bets are offering a staggering €1,250 for Maltese players. Yep, that’s not a typo!

Claim it here >>

Malta Online Casinos

What To Do Next?

If you’re from Malta and you are looking for an online casino to join, I hope this list has served you well and also given you a few options to choose from.

As always, we recommend you take a browse through all the casinos listed here and see which one appeals to you the most.

All of them offer different things for different markets, so it’s just a matter of finding an online casino that is best suited for your (gambling) needs.

Alternatively, you can also choose to join all of them as that is allowed and it would allow you to claim all of the special bonuses listed above.

In Closing

Thank you very much for reading our roundup post of the top online casinos for Maltese players.

AlphaCasinos is heavily invested in promoting and reviewing online casinos for our audiences, and Malta sure comes up a lot on our reviews seeing as how, as we said earlier, all the major bookmakers and online casinos have offices in Malta.

Thanks again for reading and please always remember to bet responsibly! Keep in mind that gambling is a hobby and not an investment.

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